Homaira Rahman School- Kabul, Afghanistan

To help empower the most vulnerable children in Afghanistan, its orphans, and integrate them into society, HRF has established its first orphans’ school, the Homaira Rahman School, in Kabul’s Parwan 3 district. The school officially opened in September 2013. A generous contributor donated land for this ambitious effort and built the school at his own expense. HRF is grateful to have this opportunity to educate and provide guidance to some of the neediest children in Afghanistan.

We began with 50 orphaned children – boys and girls – in grades 1-4, and steadily increased enrollment each year, adding two more grade levels, bringing the total student population to just over 100 in 2015. The Homaira Rahman school is now a fully functioning primary school serving the orphans of Kabul in grades 1-6.  HRF will collaborate closely with the Orphans and Widows Association (OWA)/Dareecha-e-Noor, our US-based nonprofit partner, to jointly operate and fund the school; each organization will be responsible for 50% of the operating expenses. As you can imagine, this challenging project will have significant costs. To ensure the project’s long-term success, HRF launched the first of our annual fundraisers for the school in 2012. We were humbled by the outpouring of generosity from our supporters and hope to build on that effort every year. Our ultimate goal has always been to create a brighter future for the children of Afghanistan and enhance their lives through education. The Homaira Rahman school brings us a step closer to realizing that vision.

HRF believes an orphan’s struggles are emblematic of those of the  broader society. After years of violent conflict and instability, survival outweighed the need for education. As the Afghan population continues to  grow and civil strife unfortunately remains a reality, the need for such a school could never be more critical. Education is a fundamental human right. It can create choices and  opportunities for people and give them a stronger voice. By offering neglected  children  a stable, warm, loving, nurturing environment we hope to  capture their innate potential and enable them to one day contribute to  rebuilding their country.

Homaira Rahman School Opens- September 2013

Homaira Rahman School Opens- September 2013

Students with Afghanistan's Ministry of Education Spokesman, HRF and OWA Staff

Students with Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education Spokesman, HRF and OWA Staff

Students at the Homaira Rahman School's Opening Day

Students at the Homaira Rahman School’s Opening Day

HRF Learning Center

In 2010, HRF created this multipurpose facility at the Orphans and Widows Association (OWA) school in Kabul. It houses a library and an on-site computer lab which gives the children skills that will  ultimately allow them to generate income and become self-sufficient.

In a rapidly changing world, Afghan orphans are especially at risk. They will  need to master an array of skills in order to compete and succeed and contribute  to their families and communities in the near future. To meet these diverse needs, HRF hired an instructor in late 2010, who teaches computer skills and English at the Learning Center for up to 150 children in a warm and safe environment.

A well-rounded education is critically important to a child’s overall  well-being. Thanks to the kindness of our supporters, the HRF Learning Center  will continue to flourish and offer precious opportunities for children to think  and dream of a life beyond the narrow confines of the school/orphanage.


HRF Emergency Relief Assistance

Since its inception, HRF has also mounted several winter relief efforts to provide basic necessities (food, clothing, blankets) to distressed children at the Sana Orphanage in Kandahar and at the OWA and JAHAN organization in Kabul; and helped survivors of natural disasters in remote areas across the country.