Why This Is Important – The Orphans

Alleviating a child’s struggle today for a hopeful tomorrow

The orphans of Afghanistan are a product of a war-torn nation where parents became victims and tragically children were left to fend for themselves amidst a harsh and unforgiving landscape. Most of the nation’s two million orphans live in sub-poverty conditions and have limited access to schooling facilities. The situation is even grimmer in small, remote habitations. While the post-Taliban government has made learning a national priority, and despite a marked expansion in Afghanistan’s formal education system, the orphanages still remain outside the reach of the Ministry of Education. This is a serious concern. Education is a fundamental human right. It can create choices and opportunities for people and give them a stronger voice. In providing stability, protection and support to Afghanistan’s orphans, we hope to witness their contribution in rebuilding their homeland one day.

Education will help provide a solid foundation for future generations

Only through educating the young and protecting their malleable minds can we cultivate peaceful values, attitudes and worldviews in order to transcend the violent and destructive wars of the past; it is the orphans of Afghanistan who have suffered most, lost the most and remain the most vulnerable people in the country. The entire social structure of their world has been ripped apart. By offering them a warm and nurturing environment we expect them to realize their innate potential and become independent and valued members in their communities.

HRF believes an orphan’s struggles are emblematic of Afghan society and that their fates are, to an extent, intertwined. Investing in their future will go a long way toward promoting growth and development and transforming Afghanistan from a divided, war-weary country to a place where hope and opportunity exist for all its citizens.