HRF is a US-based, all-volunteer, 501 c3 non-profit organization established in 2009 to help the orphans of Afghanistan. We believe that an orphan’s struggles reflect those of Afghan society. Three decades of bloody conflict and instability virtually destroyed the country’s education system. This void left many of Afghanistan’s children particularly vulnerable and stunted their social and cognitive development. It also kept them trapped in a cycle of poverty with no hope of escape.

We think that a renewed focus on education will break the intergenerational chains of poverty and allow people to live empowered lives. To make education accessible to Afghan orphans, we partner with local and international NGOs in creating impact projects and provide financial assistance, technical assistance and support to grass roots groups and dedicated individuals whose goals are aligned with ours.

In addition to helping to create a school and a learning center for orphans, we also help various underfunded orphanages across Afghanistan meet their most urgent needs, and occasionally offer humanitarian assistance and emergency aid to distressed communities in the wake of a natural disaster.


To help empower the orphans of Afghanistan, primarily through education, and meet their basic needs.